Farm has carried Kauer name since 1938

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Ginny Hall | September 13, 2013

The Kauer farm features a barn quilt, "Flags," on one of its pole barns located at
N2150 Six Corners Road in the town of Walworth. The farm is located on the north side
of the road.

According to the 1857 plat map, this property once was owned by Isaac Fryer. It
is in the southwest quarter of Section 4 of that township. In the 1873 plat book, Anna
Immel is listed as the owner.

The property had several owners; in 1881 it was Henry Keeler. 

The 1900 plat book lists George Eiper as the owner. J. Barth is shown as the
owner in 1907.  Carl Recknagel is listed in the 1930 plat book.

In 1938, W.H. Kauer was listed in the plat book, and that family name continues
ownership to the present day. In the 1961 plat book, the names listed were Willis and
Helen Kauer; in 1974 it listed Willis and Rheta Kauer.  Thomas and Roxanne Kauer were
shown as owners in the 1996 book. In 2010, they were listed as the Thomas G. and
Roxanne C. Kauer Trust.

According to the Kauers' application for the barn quilt, Willis H. Kauer moved
onto the farm in 1934 and later bought the farm in 1939. Electricity came to the farm
in 1938. Two of their three children were born in the farmhouse. 

Only one of the original buildings remains. The others have been torn down and

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